Outside just now I witnessed a hummingbird doing flips around the black corded wires like he was a gymnast in the Olympics.  As he buzzed towards me, then just hung there, staring at me, I realized in that instant, that my Angels, Arch or otherwise, through my Gods plan, have saved my life, yet again.
Thank you for this gift.
All will work as it should. 
In his time.


How I Knew I Was Old And In Love

How I Knew I Was Old And In Love.

I giggled, then I teared up a bit.

Bittersweet and lovely, oh my.


Just a little LIGHT reading.
Stay peaceful.
** Bridge**
PS: I held on, and held on to reach my
THEN skipped my way, whether pretend or for real. Whether crying, scratching, even biting a fucker or two. …

GOD is so much more than most of us ever thought possible…
Crying in corners.
Left for Dead.
Looking right at you.
You shut the door.
A few, well, a select few,
Did not.
Chosen Well.
I love you.

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Some words

 “We all know well that a collection of lies, deceptions, half-truths, fear, and cynical manipulation are what passes for a soul in many politicians” 
This quote makes a fine description for some of the people I’ve had in my life…This middle aged woman is figuring out that people really do suck. mean or not, people suck…
This has been quite an upheaval, learning all this truth. But helpful in my growth and I am okay with that…Not gonna lie, there is hurt…But, I will say this again, my boys, my angels, have saved my life again. When things feel a tad hopeless, and I can’t sleep for 5 nights straight, my babies come to my rescue.
I know the true meaning of love, and am saddened to find out the truth…most of us have no clue.