Love, my way.

I stood outside, just now.
Winds whipping about,
crisp and cool.
Dragging my thoughts
To create a different brew.
The love I gave was as honest
and true,
as I could give.

Touches of pure love
don’t happen much.
I honestly loved you,
I can say.
Blessed is how I feel this day.

Understanding now,
the depth of what
remained within,
had no choice but to
reach out to another.

Lover, brother, sister, mother,
I longed for these “things”.
Today, I am these “things”.


Living on the edge

Edginess.  It is a very cool word.  Yet, to feel as if you are “edgy” is not so cool.

Tensions seem to climb in a house such as ours.  Our closeness stems from honesty, realness and a dose of Mary Poppins, on occasion.

My youngest younger turns 18 in a few.  My oldest made a wrong turn and began with the heavy shit at 18.  I started bringing life at  18.

Jordan has not been of this World since that very same age.

So, here I am. Thank God I made it.

Looks as if my C will make it too.  The struggles, challenges, suffers, beauties and booties have left scars slashed but my Soul in tact.

Still on the edge, I just know where I am falling this time.