Soul renewal

Looking upward into the burning ball
above me,
I cannot help but notice the
sky trails weaving an
Marks the spot.
No matter the bitters we have been spitting,
when it comes down to it.
As the pushing and shoving
takes front and center
to the love,
pains and strains
lead to breaks.
My own breakage left me addled
and shook up.
The toils I gathered became
binding chains instead
of the
reign of love
I wished for.
So, I wake, feeling my soul renewed.
A freshness that reminds me
of grass with its early morning dew.
Letting go to let in
the light.
A thundering bolt of color
that is twisting around the coils
of my injured self.
Releasing the slashes of yesteryear.
Trusting the now clear voice of my
The Father who patiently waited
while around my universe I skated.
Crumbling bricks of misshapen masonry.
Built up better, stronger,
Shining with the flecks of a glittering
God head.
A new head of my household.

Can. Has. Not.

Can anyone really tell?  Can anyone really see?

Has anyone not ever fell? Has anyone just let you be?

Not anyone held a heart? Not anyone broken apart?


Can anyone save your soul? Can anyone step over the line?

Has anyone just reached out? Has anyone asked “Are You fine?”

Not anyone felt the pain? Not anyone cursed the rain?


Can anyone sing you a song? Can anyone hold out a hand?

Has anyone helped you be strong? Has anyone taken a stand?

Not anyone can face the trial. Not anyone shares a smile.


Written by KSM 11/04/11