I’m not sure why or how
all these beautiful bird creatures
fly and hover
for me.

Matters not as they literally
fill me with a child-like

Looking out onto
this backyard takes me back
to my days in the

Bluebirds, jasmine and
flowing freely.
Lifting me up
and away
to a safe place.

Where memories
are not haunted
but pretty.

As I think of eating
with a best friend.


How I Knew I Was Old And In Love

How I Knew I Was Old And In Love.

I giggled, then I teared up a bit.

Bittersweet and lovely, oh my.

Scar City

Scar City.


Falling Fall part 2

You recall how I wish to enjoy Fall once again?

I made myself excited to see the extremely early items for purchase in the stores, only due the bringing about in my mind, lovely memories of decorated, candy seeking boys.

I scanned all the porches of the homes I would pass in my journeys to look for signs of the upcoming holiday, I got Ava involved one afternoon and we stopped at all the coolest ones.  A purple, glittery spider sitting hugely on one roof, she wished to get up on it.  “Next time, babygirl, we bring a ladder.”

I am patiently waiting to wander about a pumpkin patch but in the mean-time I am tasting all the Fall flavors in my mouth that I can! Spence wasn’t real thrilled with the pumpkin spice coffee creamer I picked (What kid? Pumpkin pie is your fave, Yes? Oh well.) He puts it in the fridge mumbling “girls”…..I chuckled then, I chuckle now. Birthday night I chose butternut squash soup after requesting a sample. Smelling the perfect warmth of it, I gleefully told my Son, “Oh yeah, I…” did not even finish my sentence before my boy ordered for us. He knows what Mama likes.

Then it was an impromptu visit to a dear friend up in the mountains. Talk about a Fall look!!

I wish to decorate my house in all the colors I saw these last days….brilliant maroon orange leaves, so bright against the pure green trees that are still glowing. There was this smaller tree nestled in between some taller of those green ones I spoke of. Glowed red and “look at me, look at me!!”, bursting from her beauty. I looked, awed and took some serious deep breaths, to bring it all inside me. There was beauty everywhere I was walking, right beside me, holding my hand.

So everywhere I could see became magnificently magical.

I am grateful, blessed and motivated. Thank you.


Another young one

Another tragedy has struck our world. 
A 16yr old young lady couldnt’ be awoken from her sleep a school morning ago.
I didn’t know her personally but the boys did and she is the sister of one of the young men I consider my own.
There had been issues, issues with outside influences. This got me to thinking. 
I have wanted to be an instrument of change for the generation below me.  I was hoping more people would listen to the young ones but alas…we dont’.
I watched a movie my youngest recommended: “Freedom Writers” which showed a day in the life of a “regular” teen in Long Beach. This movie was filmed in the 90’s and it still fits and shows what our young people have to face. Most of our young people live in poverty, with disappearing parents, no one to really care.
I love to hear my boys talk.  But I have kept that line of communication open from the get go…sometimes I have to hear things no Mom wants to hear but know in my heart, how blessed I am that my sons even talk, talk real.
How come our young ones don’t feel the love we have? I feel like I have enough love in my heart to share it all over.
All I ever hear is “We don’t want them skating here!”  “Oh God, a group of three teens is coming toward us, tuck your purse Sally” “The music, how do they listen to that?!”
All the same stuff I heard when I was a teen.
It’s crap.
They need a place to hang out. They need a parent who really cares. They need any adult to show interest.
Look around in your world, that sullen teen who doesn’t want to talk…just might take a walk with you on the pier or something. No one has to talk at all. Just be. Let your love show.
Can’t we help these kids who are scared.
Some are scared the world is going to end.
Some are scared no boy/girl will ever like me.
Some are scared to go home at night.
Some are scared to bring friends home.
Some are scared to go to school.
Some are scared to walk out the front door.