The petty pieces that get twisted so.
Cause failure and breakdown,
it reduces the flow.

Struggles taking us the bad way.
It’s already so hard,
Following our right directions.
Sooner than we think, we all pay.

Changing our destinies, already laid down.
Do we have the right to cause such destruction?
Should we not lift ourselves to the plane that
can save, and leave behind the black instruction?

There’s a place for each and all,
to feel the ultimate peace.
Replace the hurt and sorrow.
Just let it go.
Let it cease.

Reducing the flow



When we met,
whether on the street, in the air,
on the dance floor,
through a friend or
somewhere on a shore,
did I cause a ripple somehow?

That changed our course?
Were feelings invoked
that shook?
Reality tugging at our fantasy.
Dieing leaves recieving moisture
from the

The only things I knew
were my heart pulls.
Good, bad or ugly,
I kept chasing
my dream.
Fulfilling all
and taking everything
yet nothing,

Never knowing the impact,
the violent crashes that
tried to take me down.
I feel alive and grateful
for staying true.

It was a merciful grace
that led me through.
Day mares and
night terrors
have finally subsided.
Fear replaced with
a gentle

Letting me breathe
in the freshness of this


I’m not sure why or how
all these beautiful bird creatures
fly and hover
for me.

Matters not as they literally
fill me with a child-like

Looking out onto
this backyard takes me back
to my days in the

Bluebirds, jasmine and
flowing freely.
Lifting me up
and away
to a safe place.

Where memories
are not haunted
but pretty.

As I think of eating
with a best friend.


Outside just now I witnessed a hummingbird doing flips around the black corded wires like he was a gymnast in the Olympics.  As he buzzed towards me, then just hung there, staring at me, I realized in that instant, that my Angels, Arch or otherwise, through my Gods plan, have saved my life, yet again.
Thank you for this gift.
All will work as it should. 
In his time.

Love, my way.

I stood outside, just now.
Winds whipping about,
crisp and cool.
Dragging my thoughts
To create a different brew.
The love I gave was as honest
and true,
as I could give.

Touches of pure love
don’t happen much.
I honestly loved you,
I can say.
Blessed is how I feel this day.

Understanding now,
the depth of what
remained within,
had no choice but to
reach out to another.

Lover, brother, sister, mother,
I longed for these “things”.
Today, I am these “things”.

Preserving me

Perhaps love is just a fairy tale.
Leave it to me, to wish to pull at it, like a horses tail,
just to see if feelings are left.

Emotions that ran incredibly, indelibly deep.
Chances I took with my heart working against
the logic of me.
The self-preserving me, were just given
Like torn cushions on a curb.

I stake my own self,
claim all the pieces,
Once again.