I lol’d, a few times. Hhmmm, the medicine cabinet haz me slightly concerned for the owner of the detachable penile system, oopsie, I meant penis.

Edward Hotspur

King MissileA long time ago, when I was in college the first time, this band was in constant rotation. In fact, some of their songs were in heavy rotation when I was a DJ at my college radio station. That’s right. Me.

King Missile – funky grooves, hard rock, and some guy saying the strangest and funniest shit over the whole thing.   Their first big “hit” was Jesus Was Way Cool, and it makes a really good intro to their stuff.

They had another one that we listened to constantly, Gay/Not Gay. Hi. Lar. I. Ous. Also NSFW for those of you who work at day care centers or the White House.

This is the one that everyone knows, if they know a song by King Missile. Detachable Penis! You remember it.

And finally, at least for this post of hey here’s King Missile, here’s the…

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