Last Minute Shopping List For Christmas

Lighthouse beaming…is this man

Edward Hotspur

Last Minute Shopping List For Christmas

Many people wait until the last minute to come up with a gift for their loved ones, or people they’re sleeping with. The reason they do this is because they’re really good with money and budgets, and also because they’re thoughtless assholes, except for me, because I had a really good reason! And except for that H.E. Ellis guy – he‘s actually a sweetheart according to all the girls he “dated” and dumped.

Anyway, if you’re having trouble coming up with that one thing for someone who you forgot, or someone you really care about but are too lazy or thoughtless to get them a gift, then you suck. But also, here’s a list of gifts you can get at the last minute that are available at any store, except an Apple store because those guys are evil dicks. Just kidding, Apple Product…

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