Doors and Windows

A nightmare came back with a bit of a shock as we received some letters in the mail a few days back.

My Son and I.

This prompts an appointment we both take a decent drive and go to.

Although it’s a bit of a frightening reality it all comes down to some person, some thing, doing oppressive, mean spirited work, in my own mind.

Basic freedoms pulled away from us. Or did we let it go? Some of our behaviors have not been very conscionable so it would seem we may have to pay the piper on some of our mis-deeds.

I am angered and completely upset though, by this oppression. Whether a quiet, controlling husband or the blatant hatred shown to anything we are ignorant of, or a child, living in hell. Homes, schools, places of worship, nothing seems sacred any longer.   This society we are living in is in attacking, belittling, bullying mode. Although, for what reasons?  I really don’t understand what all the fighting is about?  Oh, is that the power/money thing I hear of?? I digress, please allow me to continue.

Basic needs are not being met from the get go for so many of our young, and it has been going on for far too long. These children grow to become pretty much

the same thing as the environment they grow in, with most of us incapable of cherishing another. It’s what they absorb, words they hear, what sad eyes have to see.

Cycles that are just being repeated generation through generation.

Love:  It is a basic human need that most of us need fulfilled.  If a person finds love, however style that may take, and these folks are lifting one another, cherishing one another, sharing that light of love with others, who are we to judge? This couple, whatever the makeup, i.e.: gay, straight, does it matter? Sadly, we are doing just that.  This thing we lack so much, is the very thing that can rescue us from the shambles we have created. Each one of us is at war, within ourselves and certainly without. I have to believe that ultimately we are responsible for repairing our own selves so that we can set about fixing what has been so fucked up……

We as a people, humankind have suffered so much.   We did it to ourselves. As long as that is understood, understood completely, we are candidates for working on making things right in the World. Free will and all that jazz.

But at this moment, I feel as if the mindless attacks on such things as our sexuality, or on a commune who grows fantastic veggies but oh yeah, they may smoke weed and get into the music a bit, religious persecution for such things as who we choose to love.

How come all this energy cannot be used to “train up the child”, so that he/she feels love, gives love, seeks love and shares love?

So many forgottens in our own homes  and we still point fingers out those doors and windows.

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