Don’t give up now

Don’t give up now, not after the battles we’ve won.

Heated blasts we’ve overcome.

It became all too treacherous, devious and frightening.

Occasionally beating off the lechers and those charmers with a fist.

Truthfully, the shit could take another one down.

Of course, hurting souls are to be expected.

Instead of the hurts burning alone, inside, stuck churning.

Facing up to what is offered can turn.

Turn into valid lessons. It is a bittersweet honey.

The wicked and wild transgressions heaped upon shall be the ashes of our Rising Phoenix.

Colors bold, blue, black, yellow and red explode, abound around us.

Glimpses of the gleaming light we must heed.

Wishes to be the practitioner, not the lecturer. A safeguard.

Hold my hand, I have your heart.

Blessings and Bliss amid the chaos, we choose to stand together.

KS 2012

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