Stream of Nothingness

All the years of standing on my own, facing the grind of a daily, often chaotic path, I withstood the sands, whether gentle laps or rocky beatings.

Lonely dawns and sunsets, beginnings and endings, took its toll upon my soul. It was me against the World, the traumas and the joys, alone.

Alwaze alone.

 Kept some faith, a bit of hope in myself, the greater good. Still I took the blows. Learned to stand strong, plastic smile once in a while.

Chased away the pain, face showing the strain. As I saw the bottom of a stream of nothingness. I chose to battle on while my heart continued its


Bursting through the clouds as if lit by the Gods themselves, you arrived onto my path. Did the person I had conjured finally step off the pages of my mind? Prayers whispered to whomever would listen, really answered?

 No resistance to the gift I could give, then. Collision of souls so gently apparent, the fall was sweet, soft and kind. You say “You are scared to fall in love.” That was easy, fast, exciting. I like to think it was a solid, wise choice. Choice?, there was no choice. The fantasy had seemingly come alive. I listen as you whisper words of love, mesmerized by your gentle eyes and soulful voice. I hear all your words, your sighs, your apprehension, your hurts, all of you. I love you but wonder if that will be enough to allow you into the journey of me.