Change in Scenery

Finally, after so, so long saying it, my son, his girl, Miss J and I made it happen. I got to move where I wanted. I was wandering around today in the garage trying to figure out where the hair remover might be and thinking to myself. YaY, is what I thought to myself. The other house was dark and dreary at times. I tried my best to make it not be but there were things afoot. You know, things that went bump in the night. I used to go bump in the night. seemingly around the 3 to 3:30am mark. And it was not fun but there was nothing I could do about it. That probably went on for close to two years. 2009 it started. So I learned a few things. Like who it is besides Jordan that hangs around that place.

The owners first husband. He was a dick. Or my assumption from the stories I heard, just like Bill. Eeeeww, just mean spirited, soul lost men. Nasty men both.

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