I figured a few

It’s late afternoon, on a beautiful sunshiney day as I stand out back of this house. Standing there, trying to figure out what could be my lesson here.
A physical problem has had me stuck me here for quite some time.
Damn tired of it.
I think, ” What could I learn from this?” I ask this because at this time in my life I’ve come to know that each bump we come across, has a lesson for us.  Good, bad and downright horrible uglies all have something to teach us.
So, I figured this lesson, had a little to do with slowing down, resting mind, body and soul.
Although, for this one, gheez, tain’t been easy. After so many years of go, go, go. (A lot of times, having no idea where I was going to!) it has become tiresome.
When everything I want to do, from the most mundane, like those damn dishes, to planting a garden, takes an intact body.
(Boy, have I learned how much better off we’d be if we worked our cores a bit more!)
I get agitated, restless and bored, bored, bored.
Then I think about the ones that don’t have a choice. I won’t name any, no tears right now. And realize that I still am so blessed.


Next, I have to stop and take a moment to be grateful for what I do have.
Amazing children. Adorable grandchildren. People that care about me, A place to lay my head. Food to eat.
I say thank you.

2 thoughts on “I figured a few

  1. Shawn says:

    yes and as we force our way thru the uphill battle and press on toward living our lives we must also understand that its not so much about the destination as it is about the journey. and when we stick together there is strength in numbers. risk it all to use your voice. drown out the fear and the lust of things and money and the deafening roar of confusion. look again behind us quickly to see where we came from and realize we are going somewhere when we look back ahead..

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