Break my Rusty Cage

Yeah buddy, that song was just blastin in my ears and yes, I feel like that, exactly like that.
The difference is the where I want to run to.
The weeks of distress and agonies and torments have come to an almost end, the peace is back in this house. Yowza, what a lesson or three I had to learn!
But the place I am in right now feels so very right, real and pure. I don’t know how I deserve or what I did to have the Gods bless me so. This may seem crazy but I have come to a place of peace where my baby boy is concerned. It’s because he is with me. I’ve always believed in angels, spirits, other-worldly, so I know a little of what I speak.
Not much, mind you,  cuz she knows nothing about nothing really but she wants to learn all!!!
Let love reign, surround and abound

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