Break my Rusty Cage

Yeah buddy, that song was just blastin in my ears and yes, I feel like that, exactly like that.
The difference is the where I want to run to.
The weeks of distress and agonies and torments have come to an almost end, the peace is back in this house. Yowza, what a lesson or three I had to learn!
But the place I am in right now feels so very right, real and pure. I don’t know how I deserve or what I did to have the Gods bless me so. This may seem crazy but I have come to a place of peace where my baby boy is concerned. It’s because he is with me. I’ve always believed in angels, spirits, other-worldly, so I know a little of what I speak.
Not much, mind you,  cuz she knows nothing about nothing really but she wants to learn all!!!
Let love reign, surround and abound

I miss him, but he surrounds.

Jordan, Happy Almost Birthday Week!!
Technically, since your Bday isn’t til Sunday, your week starts then. You know this right?
Baby, we love and miss you massively.
Stay with.


Today, finally the reality of what I may have to do for my child hit me.
Along with the fact, once again, errands I set out to do, (which is a giant pain in my ass these days, stupid people.)
couldn’t get done cause of closures or "sorry just leaving, how bout tomorrow?"  Um, I was just there last week too. Gheesh.
Can’t seem to get people’s that I need to call me back, call me back!! What the heck? I just need some things done…well….I settle a tad and will begin again. In the morning, sweetly surrounded by love. Oh Yes…
This morning it came to having to put Colin into Huntington Beach, maybe moving there, maybe not.
Nothing available for my son in our district that I will allow. Not Wilson.
I am so sorry to say that a parent lost a precious 16  year old daughter last Friday night. At the football game!
Are you fucking kidding me?      No one knows nothing, right!  Blessings on that family. I can and do cry for them.
I knew I did not want my son there, my heart was so, so strong on this.
I grew up here. Went to Jordan HS (metal detectors when no one else did) senior year at Mayfair. My oldest sons,  went to Millikan. Spence still there now.
I finally get a call from the LB student placement unit. Government unit that….well…
Maria I spoke with. She finally got the story.
In a nutshell, the story she got was a summary at best.
My angst and challenge of what to do right now.
She has been the only gentle and kind voice I’ve heard since this speed lump in our lives.
She cared.