It’s Friday…and my spirits are no match for the gloom outside!
You know how I know?
When her music is playing and she is a happy girl, you will see and hear her do her silly dancing and singing!
My decision is still cloudy though…it got addled last night when both young boy/mens of mine came to me…No, they didn’t come to me, thier style is this: The second I walk through the door last night they were there to jump on the Mama!  We had seen each other many times yesterday and after making it through the shittineess of where my head was at, I thought it was over! Think again little lady.
Now, all week I have asked Spencer’s opinion. He brilliantly wants to be with his little bro.  See, I told you my boys are the best! This young man, having the time of his life right now, willingly ready to switch it up yet again for the sake of his brother! That tells me something great!! 
We have discussed but he couldn’t really give an answer.
So, he and Col discussed at the gym that is where the, "There she is, Let’s get her!" mentality came from when we met up again here at the home camp….
There is much improvement here,  Just last year, no, nope, beginning of this year, these two would gang up on me and bully me.  Subconsiecly they knew who the weak one was and attacked in order to get what they wanted.And mostly what they wanted was to not have thier big brother find out just what serious jag offs they were being to the Mama.
I’ve saved them from serious ass whippings! Someday they will get it and understand.
My wolf pac…dam…but that is over. 
 I’ve dealt with much more than these two who have tried to break me….haha I laugh in thier general direction!!
So, I again, dont know where my sons are going to end up next.
I walk now, talk to my peoples and the answer will come. 

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