My baby boy

Another school issue happenend last week.
Both the youngers told me at the beginning of this school year that they would give it all they got. I’ve always asked these boys of mine, "Are you doing the best job that you can do?" That is all that matters to me academically, just give it all you got and that is all I can ask of you.
For Spencer and Colin, school is very important for this family.  They are the two that will go to a higher education. Something that our Jordan had all planned out and lost out on.
No more. We, meaning the older brothers and I, wish for these two to be able to do all the things we didn’t get, thus the importance of high school right now.
So, those that know, understand my issues with my brilliant baby boy….well, this time, it wasn’t him that got himself into trouble at school. Do you believe that?
Apparently, last school year, there was an issue. An issue with Colins’ best boy, Shane. After all was said and done, Shane had to fight a boy, a brother of a boy that a percieved slight had happenend to last year.
You think it may be done. No, last Wednesday, a few of these brothers and thier boys, decided to handle this continuing business at school. Schools, specially high schools, do not, and will not tolerate violence in the school. I dont blame. My boys know better anyway.
The two 10th graders knew something was up when the older boys, seniors, were in thier area. Member, when we were in HS, we all had our little hang areas? Gee, memories, ok, back to where I should be!
After stepping out of the library that day, the older boys, 5 or so were waiting. Backpacks on the ground. Now, I’ve been out of HS for many years but I still know what such a gesture means. Things will be going down.
Colin saw this, he dropped his backpack, next thing, my boy is clocked in the face, down he went, hello, what usually happens when you get chicken shit hit out of the blue?
But my boy, hopped right up and started swinging. From what I hear from the principal of our school,  he was on top of this huge dude and swinging away. Who wouldn’t? I know boys, a rage insues, you don’t hear, you dont see, you just do what you can to protect/defend yourself.
Girls too, been there, once or twice.
When the staff of the school tried to haul Colin off, he didn’t realize who was doing what. The way he told me was this, "Mom, someone grabbed my right hand, put it behind my back, then I had to use the left, the left Mom and I was going at it! Then that arm was grabbed. Did Colin stop? That would be a No, he started head butting…
In my opinion, my boy did what he had to do.
Now Colin is up for placement to another school. Because he was in a fight, Period. No matter the issue, he is gone from Millikan. The whole Millikan specialness came about because his older brothers went there…it was kinda a cool thing for us.
I feel like injustice has occurred here and I am one unhappy Mama!
What could have my boy done? Yesterday, the placement officer brings up the walking away story. Please, we all know what happens when a person does such…especially a boy, a boy in high school. Please lady, that maybe worked in grade school but Jesus Christ, not in high school!
The thing about this whole issue, I’ve noticed over the years how much these brothers are so alike…Colin is now followng his older bro’s same high school story! 
Life is such a trip.

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