So, I get some little monies and want the boys to get Millikan HS hoodies right?
I hear them say No, Spencer mostly, Colin would have gone with it I think but S says “I got him a blue hoodie he can wear” Ok, understand they are in school uniforms now since moving back to California. So, it’s been bit of an ordeal for me to find the exact perfect jacket for these boys…everything has something on it! They cannot have anything bigger than a quarter as a logo and it can only be blue, khaki, gold or white. We have big choices here…they will wear khaki and blue and if must the white…
So, Mama decides just buy the school jacket and how cool cuz everyone needs their high school sweatshirt right?
Years later…wouldn’t it be cool to have, along with yearbooks and such?
Spencer says “Soon as I am out of high school, you think I want to remember?” “It’s over” 
Ok. But….then he shyly says “just kidding” cuz he knows I am such a sucker for sentiment.
And in my forays into the unknown which is known as the teenagers room…(hey, I do look once in a while, not like they think, but I do, I’ve seen things!!) Anyway, I’ve seen a card tucked here, a poem there…the stuff Mama has given these two rough and gruff and tough boy/mens,  around. They even keep up the dream catchers that I blessed and put up!
They got it in there.
All of the boys do, I’ve noticed the things they keep…I have Scotty’s yellow baby blanket here with me now! He carried that thing everywhere!  It’s only here cuz I have some boxes of his here.
In fact, all the boys keep the written things I do, now that I think about it…and I have all theirs. All their everythings! 
Now it is such a joy to see all the little treasures that Jordan has given me over the years. Of course, I have all of my sons treasures…these are my jewels… 

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