How come not married?

Two nights ago, my two teens and I were at the salon, of course a couple of the cutie girls were working there.
It is hard for me to go there with my boys as they don’t understand, some of the girls that work there are all aware of what goes on in my love life…as I am interested in thiers, the same goes for the ole lady!
Anyway chatting away as we do, the girls were getting the latest update on what was up with me. I look over at Spencer as he is just shaking his head, noticed a bit of the redness on his cheeks. Gosh, he is so, so cute.  I just assumed he again was embarassed by his Mom, happens all the time!
He goes in a room, still quite able to hear our conversation even though I had to lower my voice, always I should be lowering my voice!, He throws out "My mom should be married!"
Um, hello…what the heck does he think all these problems have existed in my life for? The quest for the love of my life, I keep searching for my King and no one can tackle the quest…so what does a woman do?
Think to herself:  give up on love? do the run away? hide out on an island? Yeah, that last one sounds pretty darn perfect!
Gee whiz No!  Know why? Cause this woman craves the love a man and a woman share.  Yes, but still hasn’t reached the real love. Real Love. Not the pretend shit just to get what you need from one another, fakeness from one to the other for what? Money, material possessions? A place to live? A mother/father for your children?
 Nah..that is why I leave. I must… search continues.

One thought on “How come not married?

  1. CHAZ says:

    Ahhhhhhhh now the ocean and a boat that is true love! 🙂

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