Love hurts

How does a girl stop her heart from leaping when it feels like a love just for her has come?  This starts way back in our young girl days.
There is no holding it tightly to her, she can look away but her heart cannot. We’ve tried. Many of us, too many of us failed. Thinking somehow we aren’t good enough in a usually ridiculous cloud of self esteem issues.
But these are crushing, trying to break our spirits. 
A woman’s worth gets slammed over and over for reason what? Some sick lessons we have yet to learn? What is it? Most of the ladies (young, old, in between!)  in my world are just smashing!  What is our problem?
Collectively we should stand strong together. Be more positive to one another. Stop the bitchiness among the women.
We need to be better friends to one another, more real…they need us. We need us.

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