It has been just over a year now since we moved back to our home state…The boys made it through thier
first year in new school, with a few adjustment issues…as flaky as California might seem, the schools, at least here in So Cal, are much more strict and much more academically advanced then from whence we came.
Colin is back in football!!  But my poor baby is even sore to the touch!  Thank goodness he started working out with big bro since before the season started! He doesn’t think he could have hanged with out the advantage of being in shape. Our Colin towers over me now. He pats me on the head!  Pats me on the head?! Are you kidding me?!
The tragedy that occurred has brought us even closer and it is the best feeling.  I am blessed to have such open and honest relationships with my sons.  Something that is new and quite refreshing in the parental/child relationship.
A lot of changes have taken place. Good, Bad and Ugly.  But I fully believe everything I have decided upon, has been just what our family needed to heal. Finally.
I was reading my Mission Statement yesterday.  The first two lines are: Keep your positive attitude and Eliminate the negative.


Well, that is just what I am doing and it feels good.




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