Another thing learned

Someone told me last nite that I was easy to fall in love with.
Most of my self has believed people have thought of me as abrasive, mean, maybe a little out of control, defensive. 
Except for those who know me.
To hear this was so soothing to my soul.  It seems lately that, especially because of my recent situations. Those closest to me know exactly how horrible some of the issues I’ve had to deal with have been. 
The rude, mean spirited, ruthless, ugly souls are being exposed.
I have come to end of this  road of trying to do the right thing. Do the right thing by all the others in my life, all except for my self.  
My boys are excluded from this statement.  They are my everything.  I’ve not done enough for these precious gifts of mine.    
There are certain people who, because of their littleness of spirit and soul,  will do their best to make others feel small, unworthy, or try to break a precious spirit that they can NEVER possess or control.
I pity those that choose to live these sad lives of destruction to others because of their own inadequices.