I need to speak of cats today.  A few in particular.  Now, believe me when I say I have absolutely no problem with cats except somehow I can relate  to them way to easily. All animals really but cats, something about em.  We, I, have cats around all my life. The last one we had was “Patches”. Jordan and the youngers got him when we lived in the blue house but try as we and they might, Petey and Patches could not, well, patch it up!  He he
Anyway, in the Long Beach house we have had a couple of cats that apparently get to live in the whole neighborhood. This is the part about cats I don’t like. They think they get to go whereever they please, on top of counters, on cars, you know, generally being an annoyance. When they don’t belong to you, cats don’t really ever belong to anyone, that is the bottom line here, it is bothersome.
So, a couple of nights ago, the gray, matted up ugly cat that I haven’t liked since day one, got into our house.  Because of me, being on the back patio to be sure, but I didn’t invite him in. See what I am saying?  The boys were here so I had them handle but I told them not to touch him. Sure enough, Spencer has him cornered behind the dining table over there and he rears up and starts his hissing. No, No, No, not in my house, you don’t!  He didn’t. The boys got him out and all was well again.
Then this morning, it was 1:30ish am..I am standing in the sliding glass door here, of course it is dark. My legs are just a tad spread apart and I think “Did something just come through here?”  I turn around, k, house is dark cept for a little nite light over there behind the couch area..There is a god blessit black cat in my house!  Son of a gun, boys, of course are sound asleep, so Mama on her own here.  I don’t want to touch these animals cuz shit, I don’t know a thing about them. No. 
I go down the hall and see the little bugger going in my room, his retreating tail indicating this as I switch on the hall light trying to be quiet cuz the boys rooms are on either side of me. The thing got out of there quick though, good thing.  I just kept talking to it, cussing it the whole time in a very sweet voice. It worked. I finally got the black bastard out of here!
What is up with this?

One thought on “Cats

  1. mn firefly says:

    cats are empathic… they know when & where they’re needed

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