Hi guys, I just want you to know that I am doing ok.  I have my moments, crap, even my days guessing by Friday and Saturday but in my mind, ok.  Hey, I get up, get dressed.  Not much planned for my days right now but the hours pass and somehow I stay busy.  Like today, I am so excited cuz I get to have a root canal!  It’s true though, I am excited. After months of problems due to infection, and man oh man the pain I had to endure in my poor face, I am looking forward to getting this done.  Sick huh?
My boys have been my rocks, little and big.  They have a lot to do with my so called sanity right now.
I appreciate all the phone calls, messages, emails greatly.  I am just slowly getting around to talking to anyone who wasn’t directly involved, bear with me. 
Thanks again for your kind thoughts, we all are aware.

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