It’s been a minute since I wrote last…things got busy, me finally going back to work!  A big deal, especially right now, I am blessed.
I get to be in California, I get to see all my boys, cept for my Jordy, almost every day…My new job is a little insane, like All Cut cept on steriods!  My boss seems cool if not a tad bit of a tornado, I told him that, my new boss. Of course, K would say something like that! It is just that he goes a mile a minute and sometimes I may miss everything he might say and oops, he doesn’t like that much. But I will get the hang of it…I am not worried, I am in my element again…
I have had some time to reflect…and have come to see just who is who in my world.  During our time of strife for me, I found out that my family, not my boys, no, no,  not them, but my siblings, just kinda let me go, knowing my struggles. A little sad for me, but at least now I know…
I am in a groovy place in my life and am looking forward to the holidays…just being with my tribe that I created!  Yea!! 
  I got my gifts, Mama thanks you!

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