Stressin! You tell me!

I had a great job interview last week, perfect job for me and on top of that my first interview since being unemployed again. Okay, so that day, of course I get lost.  How terrible is it to be late for a job interview? We all know. It went ok. The owner’s name is David and his girl, I think anyway is Kris. Funny huh? No, really the interview went really really well. I knew I would be called back for the second interview. And I was, Kris called Tues. and I went yesterday.  Not late. But, since last Friday, when we picked up sickly Colin from the airport, crap has been in the air. I have recieved from him, the full on flu. For the whole week been sick. This is me.  Begging in the car to whoever would listen, give me a half an hour, no nose running, no eyes running… Go into the interview, scoring big time and what happens?  I get this tickle in the back of my throat. You know the kind, that could send you into spasms..I had a cup of water there and almost took a drink. Thank the stars I didn’t cuz next thing you hear is Kristina trying to hold it together while choking and tearing up.  Seriously this is so unfair. I told the two how embarrassed I was and the owner says, it;s okay we are all human.  Wow, it sucked. But I sucked it up and finished the interview on top of it.  Kinda like the pageant girl who falls. Stood up and plunged ahead!
I should hear something by Tues.  This job rocks.  I like Kris and Dave too.

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