Stressin! You tell me!

I had a great job interview last week, perfect job for me and on top of that my first interview since being unemployed again. Okay, so that day, of course I get lost.  How terrible is it to be late for a job interview? We all know. It went ok. The owner’s name is David and his girl, I think anyway is Kris. Funny huh? No, really the interview went really really well. I knew I would be called back for the second interview. And I was, Kris called Tues. and I went yesterday.  Not late. But, since last Friday, when we picked up sickly Colin from the airport, crap has been in the air. I have recieved from him, the full on flu. For the whole week been sick. This is me.  Begging in the car to whoever would listen, give me a half an hour, no nose running, no eyes running… Go into the interview, scoring big time and what happens?  I get this tickle in the back of my throat. You know the kind, that could send you into spasms..I had a cup of water there and almost took a drink. Thank the stars I didn’t cuz next thing you hear is Kristina trying to hold it together while choking and tearing up.  Seriously this is so unfair. I told the two how embarrassed I was and the owner says, it;s okay we are all human.  Wow, it sucked. But I sucked it up and finished the interview on top of it.  Kinda like the pageant girl who falls. Stood up and plunged ahead!
I should hear something by Tues.  This job rocks.  I like Kris and Dave too.

Serious Day

It is nearing the end of the day…a day that held a lot of uncertainty and nervousness. 
I step outside.  The first thing I notice is the low hanging crescent moon just a bit over in the horizon. 
Since I’ve always felt a huge calming sensation when I gaze upon the moon and admire it’s beauty, this apparently was no exception.
My youngest boy, for those of you that know and those of you who don’t, has been dealing with some serious issues since the beginning of the year.  Well, not only him, his Dad and myself, his brothers and those others close to our family.
Today he had to take a test.  A huge test.  A test that may have changed the course of his life forever.  Of course, he was nervous, we all were nervous but all of us rallied around him to give him the encouragement, support and love that most families would.
He passed that test.
When I got the news of his success today while my older son was here with me, the emotions that I really didn’t realize were so raw and strong, took ahold of me.  I sucked it up and didn’t give in to the depths of those feelings but boy I was close.  Oh the tears came, just not the racking ones that started in my belly. 
Along with that major episode,  my ex boyfriends Mom had to undergo a surgery, an exploratory type but they did know what they were going for, small relief.   Those "expoloratory" surgeries don’t sit well with me.

That big tough man that I absolutely adore has the "white coat" syndrome.  So all the Dr. visits, dentist, hospital, blood suckers, all of em, cause him huge issues. His symptons manifest like an anxiety attack in my opinion.  Anyway,  of course he would be by her side as out of her three boys, he is the one that lives close to her. 

Since the ex was the keeper of his Mama today and I knew he probably wasn’t handlin the hospital scene too well, I texted him and asked,  "Did you bring a book?" 
The "book",  I found out later he brought was Playboy!  My God I thought that was the funniest thing ever, a little inappropriate for the supposedly serene place he was in but hey, it worked. He made it through, along with his wonderful Mother.  Her surgery turned out exactly as hoped and all is well and wonderful with the world.