State of the City of Long Beach

When S brought me here in June for the baby shower, I distinctly remember how I felt sitting in his car while he was driving all over in the greeness of this part of So.Cal.  I felt like a dog who hangs out the window barely keeping his tongue from blowing off in the winds created.  I did! It was so awesome being back here and then the prettiness of all the green trees and grass was just thrilling to me after the barrenness of the desert.  Oh, there was beauty there but a whole different kind.
Don’t get me wrong I am still completely loving it here, in our new little old house.  But taking my walks that I do, I’ve noticed the trash and debris and general crap that litters the streets and really badly in the ditch I pass by every day almost.  The same ditch that runs right behind here.
It makes me upset and sad that we are doing this to our beautiful city.  When I was in HB taking my walks, I didnt’ see all this shit everywhere that I do here.  Same as in AZ.  Why right here?

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