I went for my usual walk..just instead of walking West I chose East today,
 I came around the corner and was completely blasted by the smelliness and wild winded vehicles. 
It was especially bad today but then I walk a block and what do you know a stampede of high backed yellow school buses, it was either a roll call or convoy to Vegas.
So my breathing was specially difficult today but, but I have to say doing the yoga these past four days has made a huge difference in this scarred from smoking Mama.
Yep, finally started doing instead of talking.
 And, it has been a blessing. Course, doing some of these moves has been a bit of a hilarious challenge for this 45 yr old, who back in the day let me tell you could do backbends, head to knee drops so my hands were flat on the floor.  Shit, nowadays, after sitting at a desk job for so long and my back being what it is…I am happy I can get on the floor and do the legs over the head thing.  Glad no
one is here to witness, not yet anyway...
It would be much better for all if I practice a minute before anyone else can gaze upon my trials!

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