That call yesterday, my first resume response, I finally talked to her today after the phone tag time that ticked by.  After we finally spoke as I was standing in the frozen food section trying my darndest to find green beans, not the long skinny ones, you know the fat ones?  Once she realized I lived in Long Beach she informed me they want someone who lives in Orange Cty.  So, after a great conversation, I got dumped cuz I live in the LB.  So for a minute here I got a crushing feeling, despair, sinking.  Only for a minute. Because I,  well bottom line, Mama here broke.  But, it only lasted a minute, I quickly got over it. After all, soon as I got home from the grocery store, I sent out at least 5 more resumes. That is good cuz normally it would be about two a day and that was, oh I don’t perhaps 10 for today!
                               Round of applause and it is all good.

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