Give me my perfect job please

I ain’t going to say it has been unbearable, this not working shit.  It has officially been two weeks as of last Friday.  It has been helpful since we just moved in.  Heck, I just organized C’s room.  Poor kid, really ain’t got nothing in there anymore since I am using his bed, tv and his dresser is being used as the very computer desk I am plucking away at right now.  My point.  I’d really like my perfect job, no,  the job that will pay the bills but will be perfect, to happen within the next two weeks.  Make it happen.  There I threw it out there, now let us see if the Universe really can hear our thoughts and wishes.  I read that just recently so wth, I will try it.
I am sitting here right now with my zune buds blasting all kinds of awesome music, I’ve become addicted to my pink little buddy. Thanks C for the groovy Mother’s Day gift.  It ranks pretty high but some other beautiful gifts come to mind as I write here.  The glass.  The glass that was so pretty cuz it had sunflowers on it. It was a sad day when that little trinket got broken and we couldn’t use it anymore.  The hand made gifts from school that I got from all my boys were the most precious of all. Sounds cliche? Yes but I am totally sentimental. I’ve lost so much of the cutie little and big things that I had collected over the years, it is heart breaking to me.  But, it makes the gifts I still have all the more precious. So Thank you my sons.
Ok, I just got a voice mail for a response to my resume. This is the first one since I’ve been sending it out! 

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