My 3rd son, issue #1

A couple of days ago, Jordan first calls Spencer, these are #3 and 4. respectivley, then I talk to him.  I learn he and his father have gotten into a fight.  When speaking to the men, I could tell it was the heat of the moment.  Especially since Ray says, "I want him out of here. Either he goes to your house or I am putting him into a f______ boot camp."  Ok, I answer.  I spoke with Jordan again and told him give me some minutes to figure this out.
Now, since Spencer’s visit to his Dad’s house in Vegas, with Kristi and Jordan, things have been funky.  It always got that way when the boys either went to the Dad’s together or seperately, Ray is always and I mean always, talking shit about me.  Years worth.   It is hard keeping my mouth shut but for the most part I do.  Really nothing to gain by trying to justify anything that freak would say. He is what he is.
Jordan hasn’t returned calls since that weekend.  I haven’t spoken to him once since the Mom bashing to Spence.  "No seriously, how did she get so skinny?  She has to be doing crack or something"  Spence responded with "You don’t know what you are talking about"  The Dad, says "Yeah, she is doing something"  Nice, how people think, assume, even when told the truth.  Spence even told him it was cuz I was eating right and sht,  even these days walking! 
 But to each his own, my previos boss thought the same thing.
So, we had a family meeting when Scott dropped by later.
The conclusion was, NO.  After how J treated you and all the crap talk?  Only talking to me when they need something, both of them, Ray and Jordan.  These last weeks I’ve been cALling Jordy, Ray Jr.  He is acting just like him.  That is why I fought and fought to keep Jordan with me. He didn’t want to. Not till a few months after living with his Dad full time and a few months after that. Ray or actually,  Shahram Mohammed Kaghazi, his real name, is not the man I had hoped Spencer or Jordan would use as a role model. I know, I know, I picked him. Believe me,  I know.
But in the beginning of thier little selves I thought they would stay with me and we would do ok.

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