A hard mommy thing to have to do

Well, after 4 months of very hard parenting with my baby Colin…I had to take away his football…After I told him, I had to go and cry…it was such an awful feeling.  He and I have been having a tough time of it, he has become increasingly disrespectful and disobedient…things with his Father have come to a head and I am sure this is causing my son severe stress….but as I have told him, I am not his enemy.  I have tried taking away his treasures, tv, xbox, music…nothing worked.  So the football had to be the one.  As I told him..he was pleading with me "Football is my life, I have nothing" as the tears were falling steadily….I knew he would hate me..and I also knew I had no choice…But for the grace of God, my boy doesn’t hate me!  He asked this morning when the winter league would start…I asked him if he realized why I did what I had to do..He was very mature about it…so lets see how the next months go!