Boys are leaving for the summer

Well  the countdown begins, the boys are packing up and getting ready to leave to the Dads for their summer break.  I remember the days not so long ago when I would be a balling mess at the airport when the plane took off with my boys into the blue.  Now, they get at each other so much and me, that I am grateful for the break.  I think God is doing this cuz those days of letting them go were so very difficult for me.  Now, in my mind, I am thinking “better hold myself back from kicking their behinds as they scoot out the door!)”  Shameful?  I don’t think so.  Being a single Mom of three boys, 14, 12 and 10 gets me a tad ready for the breaks!  It will take about a week then I will be missing them hugely and wanting them back.  Usually, once in the car, they are right back to normal!! The bickering, the what I got from Dad squabbles, etc.  It is moments like these that I know in my heart the time flies so quickly and they will leave my nest for good….I treasure most of these moments with my wildboyz!

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