I survived!!

Wow, did I have to endure…the AC went out in my house on Saturday, fine time for me here in AZ when the temps were starting the climb…I believe it was up to 110 that day then from then on it just kept going higher!  Waking up in the night sweating is just no good specially when you are all by yoursel!  The floors felt like the beach in the dead of summer.  Alas, it is over now, it finally got fixed yesterday and once again my home is a haven from the blazing sun!!


Boys are leaving for the summer

Well  the countdown begins, the boys are packing up and getting ready to leave to the Dads for their summer break.  I remember the days not so long ago when I would be a balling mess at the airport when the plane took off with my boys into the blue.  Now, they get at each other so much and me, that I am grateful for the break.  I think God is doing this cuz those days of letting them go were so very difficult for me.  Now, in my mind, I am thinking “better hold myself back from kicking their behinds as they scoot out the door!)”  Shameful?  I don’t think so.  Being a single Mom of three boys, 14, 12 and 10 gets me a tad ready for the breaks!  It will take about a week then I will be missing them hugely and wanting them back.  Usually, once in the car, they are right back to normal!! The bickering, the what I got from Dad squabbles, etc.  It is moments like these that I know in my heart the time flies so quickly and they will leave my nest for good….I treasure most of these moments with my wildboyz!